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POEM: Hajj

In my mind there is nothing that could be better
Than making the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca
I anticipate it, it's safe to say
That while I'm patient, I await the day
When I leave my home and maybe I'm just a dreamer
But I envision the day I set foot in Medina
Because I know there's no experience as rare as that
To run between the two hills the two hills like Hagar and pray on Mt. Arafat
Allah willing I will go with my wife, sisters, mother and father
To the land of Muhammad and Abraham; to bait-Allah, the Kaaba
To drink from the well of Zem Zem, the sweetest water
Robed in my ihram garb in the land thats hotter
Make my seven circuits around the Kaaba and kiss the black stone
Then sacrifice a sheep for 'Eid and then travel back home
Which will fill me with both happiness and sadness
But at least I got to make every prayer in the most beautiful Masjids
With all my Muslim brothers and sisters united as an Ummah
No distinctions between kings and peasants or shi'a and those who follow the Sunnah
So until that day comes, I swear by Allah
To forever keep my thoughts on making Hajj

© 2002 J. Stewart
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beautiful. mashaalla.
:-) alhaamdulillaah. Glad you liked