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Modern Satanist and contemporary "thinkers" have in recent history brought to the fray of philosophical debate the concept of "Amorality" or the rejection of "contemporary" morals. They surmise that morality is a delusion of human behavior, that it is not tangible and that it is a cultural phenomena inherited from long standing religious norms. Many now believe that morals and taboos are a limitation to the greater ambition of th self and that by ridding oneself of the "habit of morality" one can become an improved, more powerful individual.

I disagree with these pseudo-intellectual surmisings. I believe that morals are laws of meta-nature, like the laws of nature, but governing spiritually. If you strike a man with a sword, he will bleed, this is not debatable. I believe as well that if you harm a child your soul and spirit will bleed, and become tainted with evil. I use the term "bleed" in reference to the soul only as a metaphor. However, I believe that committing evil acts tangibly harms your soul and strips you of humanity and thus inner happiness. The physical fear we have of committing immoral acts are guilt and remorse, these are our moral compasses, listen to them.

Although some taboos are subjective to cultural standards, there is always a universal standard of morality. Life is sacred, a person is not to be removed from life because of petty ambition or monetary gain. Valor will get you respect wherever you go and stealing will always cause conflict. Immorality is harmful.

Modern Satanists in my opinion lack the witt and spiritual power to think objectively. Through the desire to be unique and to best society, they relish in their imagined rebellion against oppressive and dogmatic societal norms. Satanism is fashionable in most rock music based cultures, especially Metal. In essence, it is a fad, it is considered cool, smart and respectful. Most satanists are posers, just like most everyone else. They conform to what they view as the coolest theosophy, just like idiot Nihilists who wear all black. A self proclaimed Nihilist once told me that Nihilism was the belief in a probation against "Organized Religion." She had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and she just wanted to look smart, she is a spokesperson for the majority of Satanists.

However, some Satanists are very, very in the know as far as their own religion is concerned, smart PHD wielding members of the Temple of Set and the like. These are the real enemies. Depressed teenagers with emotional problems who love to shock their fellow students by wearing all black and carving into themselves with a knife are hardly dangerous, they have no concept of evil, they are just dumb. They will never be in a position to make any consequential decisions. In a very real sense, and in a societal point of view, they are peasants. Grandma Church Lady may gasp when her brother in law brings his 16 year old son who listens to black metal and was baker acted 6 times to the family picknick, but I gasp when I learn that a college professor is a Member of the Typhonian OTO. Thats why I want to start a new Religious movement. An anti-LHP movement.

I want to start a very secretive order, a subversive order, in order to infiltrate and sabotage various satanic religion. I will go to a meeting, pretend to be interested in their doctrine, make small talk and become friends with them. I will read what they give me, listen to their viewpoints and try to see where they are coming from. After that is done, I will attend their rituals (most satanists churches have elaborate rituals and whatnot) and sabotage them. I will hide a little statue of Michael the Archangel behind something, carve symbols like the Chi-Rho or the Star of David in an out of the ordinary places. Leave a copy of the Koran in their Library, poor holy water all over EVERYTHING. Prey to almighty god during one of their unholy sermons. My intention is to disrupt and mislead them. I will use my intellect and help them to question their beliefs. I will use Taqiyya.

At the end of the period of deception, I will show up to a meeting accompanied by four of my fellow Chaplains, men they have never met before. We will show up early and draw various mono-theistic symbols all over their temple in as many out of the way places as we can muster. The we will sit and wait until the head priest of the Satanic order makes his entrance. Then, in unison, we will approach him, covered head to toe in Mono-Theistic symbols. I will be holding a large statue of Michael the Arch Angel. I will speak to him forcefully, like he is some sort of subordinate, I will glare at him with wide, almost enraged eyes. My voice will be harsh and severe. I will demand that he Submit to God. I will simply say to him that their is no victory except through god, then we will all leave and never return to the Temple.

My goal is to do things like these, and to worship god, who alone is worthy of worship. I invite Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Mono-Theist Brahma worshiping Hindus, and any who rightfully bow before almighty god in submission and love to join my order. Though I am very serious about this, our goal is to deceive people and I request that you be able to do this effectively. Knowledge of the Occult is a plus.

The point of all this is essentially to put the fear of god into them. This would obviously bewilder them, confuse them and even frighten them. In western occult, pulling stunts like this really freaks people out, they are very superstitious when it comes to body language and symbolics. This would undoubtedly freak them out and fill their heads with questions. I call it mental slight of hand. is my email - Give me a Buz

P.S. "All is contained in the divine breath, life the day in the morning dawn." - Muhyi-din Ibn 'Arabi
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