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Poems are property of A.Y. Al-A'rddi


Who is this woman
In the mirror before me
Glistening scars, marks
Hijab & Abaya
Curves unrelenting, gluttony
Yellowed eyelids, pale skin
Once a bride of Satan
So beautiful carefree
Imprisoned by regret
Abused and maladjusted
Self inflicted agony release
Unknowing even before
Grace and forgiveness
But this bride seems not
To let go of her vows
So quickly and marry
Into the ways of
The pious
Modesty torn in two
Out of disdain for
The bridal gown
Engulfed in flames
Trying so hard to
Douse the flames of
This bastardized incestuous
Marriage bed
Forgo the victim of sodomy
Regain compassion locked within
Forgive and seek grace once
More rebuild a life from
Shards of peace left
Behind once the
Bridal bed was bid farewell
The dress casted out
Memories come to haunt
Always must push away
Find peace make piety
The Jihad for the life
Longed for and for the
Past needed to be



Release these nightmares
From beneath my piety
Under the impression
Everything touched
Gives way to ash
As if evil is brewing
Below while donning
The cloak of good
So I may not
Bother it while it
Festers deep inside
A perplexed path
That I cannot follow
Only stumble
With bruises and
Scrapped knees I
Journey on
Looking for a hope
That has faded
Into the west with
Its graceful companion
Whom I have
Lost and killed
Many times before


Poems are property of A.Y. Al-A'rddi

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