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POEM: Ramadan

Praise Allaah (swt) for Ramadan the holy month of fasting
And may He bless us in the least with peace everlasting
As we abstain from food and drink and sexual relations
Plus negative thoughts and actions which are the influences of Satan
Also guard us from all forms of lies, gossip, backbiting and rumors
Increase us in our knowledge of the Qur'aan and Sunnaah
May we perform Salaat correctly and always attend Jumu'ah Prepare us for Akhirah by guiding us through Dunya
Further protect us from the whispers of Shaitaan
And let us enter Jannah through the gate Ar-Raiyaan
Strengthen our Imaan and guide us to do good deeds
Like helping friends and family with things they would need
Prove us with discipline through the day so we can keep awake
Because all the benefits of fasting does sleep negate
And then finally may we take our seats and wait
For Maghrib to break the fast by eating dates
Then bless all the food we might devour
For the duration of Ramadan on past the Night of Power
Until Eid-ul-Fitr which leaves us blessed and sincere
May the spirit of Ramadan carry on through the rest of the year

© 2001-2003 J. Stewart/ Hassan Abdullah
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