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POEM: Artificial High

I have seen first hand how drugs make you a cursed man
Falling victim to one of Shaitaan's worst plans
Driven to addiction, you forget Allah's religion
Getting "high" becomes your life's mission
Which leads to more sinning: fornication, lying, foolish pride
Stealing, robbing, raping, greed and even suicide
Letting Ibliss rule inside, corrupting your pure heart
Once you take that first hit thats when the wars start
That first puff of "reefer" leads you towards the grim reaper
So you try more drugs and that pulls you in deeper
Allah forbid! Is Satan your leader? We're Allah's creatures!
But you're walking around dazed and confused in a sleeper
So now you're lost again, inhaling smoke instead of oxygen
When your Lord clearly forbade intoxicants
Seems the influence of that Jinn got you under the influence of that gin
Are you prepared for Eternal Hell and fire-burnt blacked-skin?
That altered mind state got you feeling like garbage when you're coming down
What will you say when the Angels visit you when you're buried underground?
"Who was your Lord?" the drugs? "What was your way of life?" addiction?
Who was your Prophet (profit)"? drug money, well then guess what you'll be missin'
After the Day of Judgment, the Muslims achieve an "Eternal High"
Yes we'll be high in the levels of Heaven while the disbelievers fry
So which do you choose? this temporary world with which you've been deceived;
Or the Eternal Tranquility of Heaven promised to those who believe?

© 2002 J. Stewart/ Hassan Abdullah
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