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POEM: Hijaab

Excuse me, sister, but don't you care any more?/
Is that why you walk around with no scarf on your hair any more/
Why do you flaunt your beauty for the eyes of many men?/
Is it because you think Islaam is too "old-fashioned" for the new milennium?/
Or is it because you see no dress on Jennifer Lopez?/
Imitating the kufaar fashions, no wonder our Ummah is hopeless/
Or do you wanna show off the latest hairstyle you got from Britney Spears?/
Tell me what happens to outer beauty over the next fifty years?/
It fades but Taqwa and 'Eemaan never wear away/
So stop being a Rocky Road Muslim and cover your hair today!/
Did A'isha (ra) wear Versace or was Khadijah (ra) draped in Armani?/
No, they wore Hijaab to respectfully cover their bodies!/
So what makes you better than the wives of the Prophet and his companions?/
Sister, please, enlighten me to your new understandin'/
To why you feel more "comfortable" by wearing a bikini and not a niqaab/
The choice isn't hard, do you wanna please men or please God?/
Oh but you wanna be "hip" with the times? Yeah I thought so/
You should be ashamed to be seen on nude beaches in Morocco!/
This backwards "liberation" has made you eye-candy for men/
They should just design Victoria's Secret panties for them!!/
Instead Muslim women continue to undress their beauty/
For men obsessed with breasts and booties on TV sets and movies/
In magazines, dance clubs, nude beaches and pageants/
And meanwhile we're getting caught up in all this madness/
It leaves me feeling sadness because sister you should be glad/
To obey your Lord and start wearing Hijaab!/

© 2003 J. Stewart
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hahahahaha. that rules.
Jazak Allah khair, ukht. Glad you liked it, alhaamdulillaah
niice. Now write one about men's modesty ;-)
haha oh indeed. Good request. Insha Allah I'll get on that one as soon as possible
A little late for comments (lol), but mashAllah brother this is wonderful! It is not necessarily harsh, but it stops candy-coating the problem for these not-hijaabed sisters.

So many girls say, "Why do you wear this? You are white, your family didn't make you...You had everything before"

I just tell 'em, "I had nothing until I had Allah"
P.S. It is listed in my memories section if you don't mind....