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POEM: The Rain

standing in the rain with my arms outstretched
eyes closed facing the sky so i'm now drenched
palms upward mouth open though i'm not thirsty
it just feels so good to be enveloped in Allaah's Mercy

tiny droplets splash my forehead and roll down my cheeks
Calm and silent this moment is too profound to speak
joyous tears mixing with the rain, nature and the sound of weeps
living now forever i'm glad i found this peace

this time of tranquility erasing these hectic several months
standing mute confessing, a blessing of the rain's gentle touch
such a special rush that i hold near my heart
showing me now that i can overcome my fears and start

feeling free as the wind came slow
no longer impure and no longer stained so
i open my eyes and watch the pain go
as the sun shines bright and produces a rainbow

drop down to my knees in His Name i pray
speaking softly for what i came to say
i really needed for you to wash my pains away
All Praise due to Allaah because it rained today

©2001-2002 J. Stewart
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